Our chickens are meticulously bred to meet the highest standards of perfection for each breed. Our commitment to allowing our chickens to free range and be themselves results in healthy birds that are a joy to behold. These happy chickens produce eggs with a rich, golden yolk thanks to their diverse diet. This diversity also results in stronger and more robust eggs that are perfect for hatching. We only keep the best of the best, ensuring that you receive a chicken that you will be proud to have in your own flock. Come and see and taste the difference that our chickens and their eggs make!

Lavender Marans

The lavender Marans are a sought-after breed in our flock due to their unique lavender color and their ability to lay dark eggs. As breeders, we are constantly striving to improve the type and egg color of our Lavenders. To achieve this, we have been selectively breeding quality black Marans into our line. This helps to maintain the overall health and genetic diversity of our flock while also enhancing the desirable traits of our Lavenders. Our Lavender Marans are a beautiful and rare addition to any backyard flock and we take pride in producing high-quality birds for our customers.

Opal Legbars

Opal legbars are truly a sight to behold with their stunning lavender coloring, exquisite blue eggs, and adorable little crests. These birds offer a wonderful combination of beauty and practicality, making them a fantastic addition to any flock. To further enhance the exquisite lavender color, we keep cream in our flock, ensuring that these birds are truly the cream of the crop. With their lovely appearance and excellent egg-laying abilities, Opal legbars are a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts and are sure to brighten up any backyard or farm.