Terms & Conditions

We appreciate your business and interest in our chickens! We try to make ordering eggs and chicks a pleasant experience for everyone. All orders are subject to the following terms and conditions. If you are unwilling to abide by them without complaint, please do not place an order.

Ordering: Orders can be placed by emailing us to confirm what is available or will be available shortly. As chickens are not predictable, we want to make sure you do not have to wait long. We will send you the freshest eggs. Eggs will not be more than a 5 days old when shipping. At this time, we will not be shipping chicks.

Shipping: Egg orders are shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Eggs are shipped by Priority Mail via USPS. We will send a tracking number with every order. Shipping can take three days but is not guaranteed. All eggs are shipped “Hold for Pickup” with your number written on the box and shipping lave. We will only ship if origination and destination temperatures are about 32 degrees F and below 85 degrees F.

Order Cancellation: After payment has been received, orders cannot be cancelled.

Payment: Full payment is due before eggs are shipped. We accept most credit cards through Paypal or Venmo. Once an order is confirmed, we will confirm payment method.

Expectations: You can expect birds that are representative of the breed. While we strive to produce birds to the Standard of Perfection, it cannot be expected all birds will be perfect specimens. You should receive birds that can be a foundation to build upon. We strive to produce birds with good body, egg color, feathers, and laying ability. Unfortunately, there will always be birds that are not perfect.
There are many factors that go into hatching. You should not expect every egg to hatch. We routinely check our fertility and hatchability. We make no guarantees, expressed or implied, that your eggs will hatch. There are many factors that go into hatching that are outside of our control.

Copyright: You do NOT have permission to use our photos, videos, and/or farm name for any reason.

NPIP: 41-1382